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United Grease & Lubricants Co. LLC with its brand name 'SCOPE' was established in the year 2001. The plant has undergone a series of developments and expansion and is now one of the most technologically advance plants in the middle east.


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The transmission fluid is an important part of the system’s overall functionality. Failure to top up the fluid may damage the transmission, engine and other essential components of your car. Transmission fluid is used to lubricate the components of a car’s transmission to ensure that it performs at its best.

The fluid aids in the lubrication and smooth operation of your transmission. It is important to note that your transmission can quickly overheat, lock up, or fail if you don’t use the right type or amount of transmission fluid.

Provides better Fuel Economy

The idea of enhancing our vehicles’ fuel economy is obviously attractive. Gas is one of the most expensive aspects of owning a car, so it’s understandable that most drivers want to find a way to make their gas last longer.

Changing your transmission fluid on a regular basis, especially if it has turned black, will help you save money on gas. After you change the fluid, your transmission will operate smoother, which means your engine will run smoother as well.

Ensure No Engine Lock-Up

Engine lock-up is one of the most dangerous things that may happen. This essentially implies that the transmission in your vehicle is working so hard that it has to shut down. We provide advanced formulation transmission fluid to help you avoid this unpleasant circumstance. You can maintain a smooth and stress-free drive by changing your transmission fluid on a regular basis.

A cost-effective solution for your car

Many individuals wait until their gearbox is having major problems before paying a professional to inspect it. Because transmissions are sophisticated and fragile sections of modern cars, this method can result in significant costs.

Regular transmission maintenance, which includes replacing your transmission fluid, will help you avoid the major problems that can arise if you don’t do it. We offer a fantastic solution that will help to keep the transmission fluid healthy and reduce wear on the parts. You’ll save money on prospective repairs while also ensuring the transmission’s condition.